Saturday, 7 December 2013

Dear LIB readers: My new boss is my wife's ex

From a male LIB reader
I just found out that my new boss is the man my wife dumped a few years ago to marry me. The man was planning to marry her and saw her through her university days financially and also supported her family. We met during our NYSC, fell in love and got married shortly after. My woman handled the discharging of her ex codedly. Now 4 years into our marriage, there's a big issue. I just got this really good job and my direct boss happens to be the man my wife dumped for me.
He knows who I am because he confronted me back when my wife left him for me, but since I started this job, he hasn't said anything to me but I noticed he excludes me from most of the activities that concern staff and I suspect he's trying to sabotage me. He hasn't done anything yet, I'm just worried that he has bad plans for me. Should I quit or should I wait to see what he's up to? I don't look forward to going to work at all.