Saturday, 14 December 2013

Is Ini Edo Now Out Of Shape? (Picture)

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No doubt, Ini Edo is sexy and also a lady a man would fast for 100 days just to have. But that seems to be becoming a thing of the past going by a recent picture of the scintillating actress flying on the internet now.

Before and after her marriage to an Edo State big boy, Philip Ehiagwina, Ini was a hot cake. There is this gist in town that other 'heart broken' men said within themselves that Philip was lucky to have grabbed the make-believe star as his wife.

Since her marriage about five years ago, Ini has tried to remain in shape and sexy. Even as hard as she tries to keep fit, there were times when some of her fans lambasted her for getting out of shape.

Judging by her recent picture, Ini may be gradually feeling too relaxed about her shape. Her cheek seems to have gained more flesh, while her tommy seems bigger. Her laps, from the piece of photograph, have also become bigger, while her waistline looks like that of a 'mama'.

If her hair is to be talked about, going by this picture, then the word 'horrible' might not be the best word to qualify how it looks. Ini has not been the best when it comes to hairdo. All the same, '... no fine, her husband like am like dat.'