Monday, 3 November 2014

Omu Resort denies OmoAkin was injured at their resort, threatens to sue him

You know I said earlier that sometimes when these publicists send you some of these things, you don't know which ones are true and which ones are just publicity stunts. Apparently this OmoAkin's story is a stunt...that has backfired because the owner of the resort is now threatening to sue him.

According to a story released last night by music star OmoAkin's management, they claimed he was attacked by some animals at Owu Resort and is receiving treatment at the Peninsula Hospital (read here)

Well, the management of the resort have reacted and they say it's 100% false. They have released a statement saying no one was injured at their resort & that they even went as far as Peninsula Hospital to check if OmoAkin was there, he wasn't! See their statement after the cut...

The attention of the management of Omu resort has been drawn to a storyline on your blog ostensibly based on a report of injury sustained by a person called omoakin.
Our staff are currently enroute the Pennisula Hospital to meet with the gentleman in question as well as hospital representatives.  We shall update you on the results of the meeting as well as further developments. (They later called LIB to say OmoAkin wasn't at the hospital and gave us an MD's number to confirm from) Knowing this is an attempt at cheap publicity (based on a COMPLETE FALSEHOOD), we have this morning instructed our lawyers to sue the said gentleman for damages. A copy will be forwarded to your offices.
Succinctly put, Omu Resort has been in operation for 10 months and has recorded well over 500,000 visitors to date.  No such incident has EVER occurred in our premises.  We shall take steps to ensure that this gentleman is put to the strictest proof of this blatant falsehood. 
Just yesterday, we had over 200 visitors – all of whom are alive and can be reached for verification purposes.  As a matter of fact, some visitors held a birthday party at the resort yesterday.  The lead person anchoring the birthday can be reached on 08020667848 for verification of the activities that took place at the resort yesterday.  They will confirm that this story is A BIG LIE.
Another visitor (a father who had a party for his child) to the site yesterday whose group was 14 strong can be reached on 07064019064 for confirmation.
We also note that the chair used by the said omoakin are not the type we stock at the resort.  ALL OUR CHAIRS ARE ARMLESS.
We attach pictures of our resort that as at today, seen a verifiable investment of well over N1 billion. Pls visit the resort yourself and feel free to reach me on 08033059703