Saturday, 3 January 2015

Kanye West no longer interested in having sex with his wife?

This pic above sef, e get as e bi. Kim shared it on instagram last night and wrote goodnight. Kanye looks a little uninterested. Anyway, back to the subject matter, there are reports (probably untrue) that Kanye has lost interest in sexing his wife on a regular basis & Kim has ordered him into sex therapy

From The National Enquirer
"Kim Kardashian has ordered Kanye West into sex therapy because he’s lost his libido! Kim is so offended that Kanye’s not as hot for her as he used to be. He’s so focused on his work that he’s barely spending any time with her,” said a family source. “And when they are together all he wants to do is sleep or play with North. “Rejected Kim, whose stress about her troubled marriage has prompted a serious psoriasis flare-up, signed them up for therapy classes to get the spark back into their relationship.”