Thursday, 19 March 2015

No Man Can Take My Car Keys- Eniola Badmus Gushes


Indeed, there's dignity in labour and Nollywood star, Eniola Badmus, better known as 'Gbogbo big girls' is savoring the fruits of her labour.
In a recent interview, the actress was gushing about her new pilot Jeep which she claims she bought with her sweat, likewise emphasising that it is not a gift from any man.
The plus-sized script interpreter noted that she works too hard not to be making money and no one can dare challenge her to handover the car keys, because it is solely hers.
“ I just acquired a new Honda Pilot jeep, 2014 model. I thank God for that.”
On why she is so much with the brand despite having a 2012 model of it, she said;
“I just love Honda Pilot and I prefer white. It’s my favourite colour. I always feel comfortable when cruising around with Honda Pilot. It has everything that makes me comfortable.”

Is the jeep a gift from a lover? Eniola said;
“Gift? That’s rubbish. No man bought my jeep for me. You’re aware I have another Honda Pilot, 2012 model. I just decided to acquire a new one. That’s why I bought it. No man can ask me for the key.”
“It’s acquired out of my hard work. I do both English and Yoruba movies. Today Asaba, tomorrow Enugu. I think people should know that my hard work must be blessed. I am above the level of living on the mercies of men. I can beat my chest that all I had achieved so far, including my latest ride, are fruits of my labour. I bless God for being on my side all day and night.”
About her Ikoyi residence, Eniola confirmed she has moved out; “Yes, I am now in Oniru Estate, Lekki, and I feel much more comfortable here.”
About the man rocking her life, Eniola said;
“No comment on that, please. It’s my private business.”