Wednesday, 20 May 2015

President Jonathan And His Last Bids To Go As A Hero

Editor’s note: “A lot of Nigerians labeled President Jonathan hero for overseeing a free and fair election and conceding defeat. I understand that I can’t be authoritative in the least but with a clearer head now I think we were just happy to see him leaving and nothing more,” claims Umar Sa’ad Hassan, a Kano-based lawer and constant guest author. Will President Jonathan be remembered as a national hero or not?  Only time will tell.
Story highlights:
– “A lot of Nigerians labeled President Jonathan a hero for overseeing a free and fair election and conceding defeat”.
– “We had grown tired of watching people stealing huge sums of our money and going scot-free. Perhaps, this is an explanation for our acclaiming him a hero only when we were certain we had shown him the exit”.
– “We will all bid farewell to President Jonathan come May 29, 2015, but I don’t think those referring to him as “a hero” will truly mean it”.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach my friend who is a psychologist in good time before writing this piece. I hoped to upgrade my layman status by getting a detailed explanation of the concept of “sub-emotion” arising from “parent” emotion – joy experienced by a majority of Nigerians when President-elect Muhammadu Buhari was declared winner of the March presidential election. What interested me the most was the part when a lot of people were joyous to the extent of feeling sympathy towards someone they set out against after achieving their aim.