Friday, 20 December 2013

Can't Read Her, Can't Read Her, No You Can't Read-a Lady Gaga's Pizza Face

Your pizza does not impress Lady Gaga. We're talking about a woman who wears meat; traditional food is just so beneath her. She is impressed, however, by today's winning captions: "This is the start of a really bad porn" - Samantha.

"you cant have my heart and you DARN RIGHT CANT HAVE MY PIZZA!!!" - Avinash
"The Grinch in drag" - Sandra
"Thinking about wearing this pizza later" - Krystal
"It's not delivery, it's DeGaga!" - Kyle
"Yes! I actually was the first choice to play the joker before Heath!" - Gloria
"you can't have my flannel, you can't use my hair dye, but do what u want with my pizza, do what u want with my pizza" - Meghan