Monday, 6 January 2014

Check out singer James Blunt's hilarious replies to haters on Twitter

You know how some people like to diss celebs on social media? Well, you can diss all you want but expect a witty comeback from British singer and five time Grammy nominee, James Blunt. He has time to reply haters and his tweets have become a sensation - turning him into a hero of some sort.
"Twitter started to be really fun when I saw some negative ­comments about me. I loved laughing about them and engaging with the trolls. I guess people ­finally got the chance to see my self-­deprecating humour.” James said
Nigerian celebs should learn from Blunt. Being abusive is really not necessary. See some of the singer's replies to haters last year after the cut...

@blackeyelined “Who’s the bigger t***, Robin Thicke or James Blunt?”
@JamesBlunt “Me! Me! Pick me!”

@alif_novaldi, “F**k you, James Blunt.
@JamesBlunt “I’m sorry but you’ll have to get to the back of the queue.