Saturday, 4 January 2014

Rick Ross is suing LMFAO for copyright infringement

Remember LMFAO? Circa 2011, the L.A.-bred duo dominated airwaves with their bafflingly big hit Party Rock Anthem. Hitting #1 in no fewer than 12 countries (and going 13x Platinum in Australia alone), the single saw duo Redfoo and Skyblu rack up a staggering 30 million Facebook fans in a matter of months, somehow earn a Grammy nom’ and launch a pair of careers so dubious they once collaborated with Paris Hilton. Since then, duo Redfoo and SkyBlu have parted ways (though they did promise to come back “stronger than ever” afraid). But the hiatus hasn’t stopped one Rick Ross from going after his slice of the pie. As reported by Rolling Stone, the rap heavyweight is suing LMFAO for copyright infringement, claiming that the refrain of the duo’s big hit blatantly rips off Ross’ 2006 single Hustlin’. He certainly has a point – there’s no doubting LMFAO’s “Everyday I’m shufflin” catchcry is a nod to Ross’ original “Everyday I’m hustlin’” lyric (you can compare the two below). Or as the lawsuit puts it, it’s “an obvious attempt to capitalize on the fame and success of _Hustlin_’” and “constitutes…the creation of an unauthorized derivative work.” Rest assured, Rick Ross isn’t going easy on the boys: he’s seeking “maximum statutory damages,” which could mean big bucks for a single so high-selling (though there’s no dollar amount on the lawsuit as yet). For their part, LMFAO haven’t yet responded to the lawsuit…but they have been busy with other very important tweets.