Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Najia FM OAP Osam's #Naija4Life birthday message

Naija FM OAP, comedian and MC, Isaac Osamoje, popularly known as Osam (pictured left) is a year older today and has written a powerful birthday message that I think y'all should read. Find it below...
"As I add another year, I really begin to ponder deeply where we as a nation are coming from and heading to. Have we lost direction? Have we underdeveloped ourselves to a point of no return?
Questions. If we take a look a our Nigerian psyche (or human for that matter) I see that the avarice and selfish interest of each individual translates to the chaos that besiege us presently.

What is the difference between a hungry man that steals bread from a stall and a corrupt government official that loots unthinkable amounts from the treasury?
What is the difference between an irate mob burning a suspect to death with tyres and fire and the Boko Haram scourge killing people at will?
What is the difference between a man murdering another with a gunshot to the head at point blank range, and a Liberian man and Nigerian woman running amok infecting people deliberately with a deadly virus?
What is the difference between two elder statesmen catapulting insults at each other and two talented, well to do young musicians doing same? 
These are but a few of life's eye openers.
The Bible,Quoran,and customary laws were brought out for a reason. 
I list out kidnapping, sabotage, terrorism, viral epidemic as a glaring path to destruction.
Worse yet, after all we have gone through as a nation, Civil war, Inter-tribal marriages , division of states, Nobel Laureate win, musical accomplishments, film industry establishment, telecommunication growth, some people have the nerve to call for the division of this great country of ours.
We are a people, and for us as Nigerians we have come this far and we can go further.
As I add a year to my age today (August 19), I pray that God will add more prosperous years to you reading this piece.
This next step is for you to adopt as a greeting as a people,locally and internationally, whether Ebola greeting or social!
Just raise the index finger of your right hand to represent UNITY, the two-finger sign of your left hand to represent PEACE
Join them together and ANYBODY facing you will see the 'N' sign representing #NAIJA4LIFE 
Everybody is joining in.

P.S Happy Birthday to me.
 I Believe.