Monday, 15 September 2014

How Producers Take Advantage Of Desperate Actresses-Chiamaka Nwokeukwu

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 Young, budding actress, Chiamaka Nwokeukwu has gradually warmed her way into the hearts of movie buffs courtesy of her stunning looks and talent. The Ohuhu, Abia State-born script interpreter hit limelight which her outstanding roles in movies such as 'My Unborn Son, 'Shy Virgin, 'Tears in the Sun and some others.

The fair complexioned actress recently opened up on how some Nollywood producers lure desperate actresses to bed.

In her words: "Actresses go through lots of challenges. Like, producers would want to go out with you before giving you a role. Sometimes, you might not even get it after they must have messed you up. But they often do that to girls that are desperate to act. Producers know when an actress desperately wants to act and they always take advantage of that. I didn't go through such challenges because I wasn't desperate. I started getting roles through auditions and any role I get, I try my best to do it well so it would speak for me. After some time, I stopped auditions, from the job I have done they call me for more jobs."