Thursday, 4 September 2014

Why I Want To Be Rivers Governor—Julius Agwu

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Some days back, ace comedian, Julius Agwu disclosed that he will be contesting for the Rivers State gubernatorial seat come 2015. This was greeted with mixed reactions, with some advising the comedian to face his rib-cracking business. He was even told to take up a lower position rather than aiming to become the Chief Executive Officer of a state.

Julius has now disclosed why he is going into politics. He told Vanguard that he aims to restore the lost glory of the Rivers State.

"I cannot really call myself a politician, but l am someone who prays and wishes for things to get better than it is in this country. I believe I can help to achieve what my brother started in Rivers State. It is a known truth that Port Harcourt was the Garden City of this great country, but we lost that glory because of poverty and neglect, coupled with incessant militancy and kidnapping. Governor Amaechi has done well for the State, but we still need good hands after he leaves to continue the good work," he explained.

He further stated that the people of Rivers state and Diaspora have been asking him to contest for the position, saying he didn’t just take the decision to run for the post.

"Becoming the governor of Rivers State was not something that came up overnight. It was not on my radar back then. The people of Rivers State in the Diaspora and those in the State have been clamouring for me to come out as an aspirant. They believe I have what it takes to go for it. It just dawned on me that I indeed have what it takes. I have given it a serious thought and have given in to their pressure,” the comedian said.

He also refused to mention the names of his financial for the guber ambition for security reasons.