Wednesday, 3 September 2014


                                                                                                                                                                       If i want to have Sex with my wife,she will attack me witha sharp Object -Man tells court

Lagos - The 35-year-old marriage of a septuagenarian, Isreal Sanusi, was on Tuesday in Lagos dissolved on grounds of the wife’s infidelity.An Igando Customary Court gave the order while delivering judgment in a divorce suit filed by Sanusi against his estranged wife, Airat.The President of the court, Mr R.I. Adeyeri, said:“All efforts to reconcile the couple had proved futile as the petitioner insisted on divorce.“The court has no choice than to dissolve the union despite the fact that the wife still claims she love her husband.“Both parties are no longer husband and wife, they are free to go their separate ways.’’

The husband had filed a suit on April 14, seeking the dissolution of his 35-year-old union over infidelity.

Sanusi had told the courtroom that he caught his wife red-handed, sleeping with his neighbour.

“I caught my wife red-handed inside our room making love with one of our neighbours; and I immediately reported her to her father who advised me to ignore her and marry another wife.’’

Sanusi, who also accused his wife of denying him sex, added: “Whenever I try to make love to her, she would beat me or use a sharp object to attack me.

“She also used a broken bottle to stab me on such occasions.

“It was frequent fights over sex in our former house that forced the landlord to give us a quit notice.”

In her defence, the 51-year-old Airat and mother of five admitted that she rented out her husband’s house without his consent.

“When my son wanted to marry the money he gave us was not sufficient and that is why I had to rent out a flat to get enough money for the wedding,’’ she said.

Airat, a businesswoman, denied beating her husband, saying “I only threatened him with those objects.’’

She said the man her husband claimed to have slept with her was invited by her to repair “something’’ in her room.

Airat, who described her former husband as irresponsible, alleged that he packed out of the house to cohabit with another woman. (NAN)