Saturday, 7 February 2015

Grammys 2015: Who Will — and Who Should — Win Album of the Year?

Taylor Swift’s got one. So does Adele. And you can’t forget last year’s Album of the Year winners, Daft Punk, for their brilliant Random Access Memories. With 1989 waiting in the wings for next year’s big show (the album came out one month after the eligibility period was over), who will take home one of most coveted prizes at the 2015 Grammy Awards?
Now that you've checked out our predictions for Song of the Year and Best New Artist, along with a brief conversation about this year's many, many performers, here are our thoughts on AOTY.
Your nominees: Morning Phase by Beck
Beyoncé by Beyoncé
x by Ed Sheeran
G I R L by Pharrell
In the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith
Our picks:
Should WinBeyoncé by Beyoncé
Why: Not only did Beyoncé release the most mature, challenging, and ultimately rewarding album of her career, but she (surprise) released it in a way that sent shockwaves through the industry and reenergized a people longing for an incredible pop album.
Will WinIn the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith
Why: Smith, who has been marketed as "The Male Adele," released an album which, by all accounts, should have just been called Grammy Bait. That the album included a few of the biggest hits of 2014 certainly doesn't hurt his chances.
sam-smith-in-the-lonely-hour [Capitol]
Should Win: Beyoncé by Beyoncé
Why: This album was everything. From the surprise release to the phenomenal vocals and songs. Beyoncé delivered a masterpiece.
Will Win: In the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith
Why: Sam Smith was made for the Grammys and so was this album. It has everything — drama, gorgeous ballads and mega hits.
beyonce-album-cover [Parkwood/Columbia]
Should WinG I R L by Pharrell Williams
Why: Yes, it's been nearly a year since G I R L’s release, but the album has produced an all-around smorgasbord of good 'ol Pharrell sounds. The industry loves Pharrell and this win will hopefully inspire him to make another album soon (and not in another eight years).
Will WinBeyoncé by Beyoncé
Why: The last time Queen Bey was nominated for Album of the Year, she lost to Taylor Swift, even though the Queen's ammo was called I Am Sasha Fierce. Give the Queen her AOTY Grammy. It's her time.
ed-sheeran-x-cover [Asylum/Atlantic]
Should Win: In the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith Why: This is an album where every song could be a hit single. Sam Smith's voice is just beyond amazing and his songs are just so relatable. I think everyone fell in love with Smith, his songs and his voice in 2014. Will Win: In the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith Why: To have this much success off of his first album?! Smith will win this.
morning-phase-beck [Capitol]
Should Win: Beyoncé by Beyoncé
Why: It's an indisputable fact that this album has changed the face of music history. From its chart success with zero promotion to the simultaneous release of all accompanying music videos for each individual track, Beyoncé has undeniably reinvented the way the industry should package and market albums forever.
Will WinBeyoncé by Beyoncé
Why: The last time Beyoncé was nominated for Album of the Year, Taylor Swift was the one who snatched her crown. With Swift's 1989 out of contention, it feels like this will be the year that Queen Bey finally takes the throne.
pharrell-williams-girl [I Am Other/Columbia]
Should WinBeyoncé by Beyoncé
Why: Beyoncé's surprise album was the biggest move of her entire career, hands down. Not to mention, it completely rocked the music world, changing everyone's perception on what drives album sales and popularity. And not to mention, the visual album was unlike anything we've ever seen out of an artist before.
Will WinIn the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith
Why: Being a new artist and considered the "male version" of Adele gives Sam Smith an added benefit going into this year's Grammy Awards. He's taken the world by storm with his music with his talent in songwriting and incredible voice. He's a shoo in.
The 57th Grammy Awards will be handed out at 8 p.m. on CBS on Sunday.