Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sheyi Law Show’s Respect to Wife After Baby's Death


Ace Nigerian comedian, Sheyi Law, has chosen to show respect to his wife by not choosing to talk about how they lost their first baby after delivery.

The comedian and his wife were almost in jubilation mood some months back while going through the nine months journey until the doctors broke the sad news to them after the delivery of the baby in a U.S hospital.
Speaking to a National newspaper, the comedian stated that he does not want to go into details about what actually happened because his wife is still trying to recover from the shock and would not be happy reading it from the pages of newspaper.
In his words, “I just want to tell people that it has been four years that we have been married and that was going to be our first baby just to let people understand how sensitive it was to us. For a woman who has had to go through the pain for over eight months only for you to discover that you are not going to be dancing around with the baby is so painful. I don’t want to get too emotional but I think people would understand if I don’t elaborate on what went wrong,” he said.
Defending why he broke the news on his social media, Sheyi said he had to avoid his wife because he did not know how he could console her and as such felt the best way was write it on his social media page and the consolation from fans which actually worked.