Saturday, 4 April 2015

Buhari Promises Financial Security, Available Education

While receiving a delegation from Katsina state that came to congratulate him on being elected president, Muhammadu Buhari promised to handle state resources responsibly and honestly.
Speaking to some 130 people, his schoolmates and kinsmen among them, Buhari said Nigerians were made “poorer” in the 16 years of the PDP rule, as reported by Vanguard, despite the fact that the country received more income in that period than at any other time.
Buhari said savings made thanks to his anti-corruption policy would be directed at the education sector so as to empower Nigerians.
“If you give education to a man or woman, you have empowered them to be productive. There is no better way to empowerment,” Buhari said.
The president-elect voiced his resolve to work with all Nigerians to help them out of the current hardships. He also called a multi-party democracy the best system of government.
Buhari appealed to all citizens to imbibe virtues which helped his earn him victory after failing three times in the past presidential elections: courage and perseverance.
The leaders of the visiting delegation included Mustapha Inuwa, Katsina state chairman of the APC, Saidu Barda, a former governor of the state, a leading Muslim cleric, a representative of federal legislators, and a representative of the traditional institutions in the state. They group pledged support and commitment to Buhari’s administration and promised to avoid the mistakes of others by imbibing humility and respect for all sections of the country