Sunday, 12 January 2014

Good sex can happen between you and your spouse again

Welcome to 2014. Another beautiful year has rolled in and more than before, this is a year couples should experience the best of their sexual union. One of the many ways couples cheat themselves out of good sexual union is unnecessary sexual suppression. Have you ever wondered why the best sexual encounter tends to be associated with good old days, early days of marriage or one or few stolen moments with strange partner or partners, or sometimes when the going was good between couples?

But good sex can happen again and again and again. Trust me, it can. How? You may wonder. First, do not suppress your sexual urges towards your partner. Sexual urges are to be expressed and not to be repressed, crushed, blocked or curbed. Many couples give all excuses and one thousand and one reasons why their sexual urges must be suppressed towards each other. NO! Sex is meant to be expressed, explored and experienced.

When couples get into this circle, sex sometimes feels as though a lightning bolt electrified, their sex organs make them crave for their partners like never before. In such moment, a partner discovers that gentle kisses and lingering caresses transient into a feel to grab and grope and thrust in a manner strange to them. During this type of passionate rush, most times clothes are left half-unbuttoned, trousers drop around the ankles, the bra straps are left dangling in the air. All the couple can see or notice is passion and unrestrained emotion all encapsulated. Unsuppressed sex brings about a different kind of romance. It lifts both partners to the same sex- passion mood; the benefit of this zone is that, it provides a very deep sense of connection. This type of attachment makes it difficult for either of the partners to be sexually involving with another fellow.

Secondly, communicate your sexual urges in a very tempting manner as this gets him or her fired up as you already are. I have discovered from the counselling sections over many years that both man and woman of different age, culture, race and position in life love to be desired and many get an erotic feeling just from hearing their partner admit, confess and plead to be made love to by them. This has been one of the vendors of expression of sexual urges and the result has been mind-boggling and rewarding. I have never seen a wife or husband refuse tender loving erotic whispering of his or her spouse, especially when he or she hears ‘you are incredibly lovely; you are just beautiful or handsome enough for me and I really want desperately to get you naked with me right now right here, just the two of us.’ And as soon as you have learned these, use them and make sure you keep discovering more. I am so certain that there are so many beautiful and sexy things about our spouse that are inexhaustible, infinite and unlimited. The better you know your spouse, the more likely you are to hit the right notes. Now, those well-constructed words, combined with some well-executed touching and some tantalizing visual clues should quickly create a hot atmosphere for the release of your sexual urges.

Thirdly, even after you have gained your spouse’ attention, watching how they respond to your moves and advances will give you a clue as to whether they want you to realise your bolted-up sexual tension slowly or quickly and to know whether they are good to go. Here, most men may pull you to themselves and take the lead from there while many wife may pull away your hand or stop your hands from moving further. Now, whatever the case, do not give up. This is just an indication that you need to gently apply more sexual encouragements. Increase your whispering tempo, reduce unnecessary friction, ask for forgiveness; just make sure that the sexual urge is not wasted. The point about wasted sexual urges is that it does not encourage communion between partners.

Lastly, say a big thank you to your partner after each encounter. Thank you does not only gain you access to each other’s attention, it validates your spouse’ personality and importance.